Manifort Sentencing

If there is just one thing you can take away from Muellers sentencing memo it’s a show of force in no uncertain terms that’s left literally no stone unturned. A snapshot into the workings of this investigation, the 800 page report includes explicit details of the decades long crime spree, the report presented as testimony to Manifort’s blantant disreguard for the rule of law and Mueller’s penchant for justice. Paul Manafort “repeatedly and brazenly violated the law,”  Mueller spelled out and “remarkably went unabated even after indictment.” The message sent was clearly to sentence in a way to not only  punish but to set an example to anyone who would dare stand so defiant in the face of justice. Mueller made clear, anyone who will follow Manifort had better be ready for exposure with a microscopic surgical precision and expect no less justice. They need only look to Manifort to see what to expect as their own fate. Trump follows Manifort and by page two it’s clear Mueller means business, an indication this is not over by any stretch. Many more people are going to prison. Not only those who violated the law but those who wouldn’t take heed. Mueller has only one real objective here. Finding facts and painting a picture of who did what and when and was it in clear violation of the law. The time for redemption has long since passed. Everyone can rest a little easier knowing that at least one of Trump’s henchmen will be locked away indefinitely. With Mueller on the job, we can all look forward to a lot more sleepless nights at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for Manifort’s bosses.

Joe Corbett

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