I am a Democrat. Not a left Democrat or a right Democrat, just a Democrat. The same Democrat as Obama, FDR, JFK, Johnson, Carter or Clinton. The only difference between a progressive Democrat and a Centrist Democrat is the Centrist Democrat understands that without at least some Republican support no Democratic policy can ever be enacted when we don’t have the votes in all three branches of government. I would love Medicare for all. It will improve the quality of life for millions of people. Thousand of lives will be saved. It will free up millions to pursue their dreams of starting their own business without fear of losing medical benifits. Anyone can grandstand on policies of free healthcare for all, and I couldn’t agree more but someone is going to have pay for it. Without answers of how, it’s a pill Republicans will never swallow and without Republicans and Democrat votes it just won’t happen. I have never seen a food stamp or rent subsidy. Never got a bailout or a farm subsidy. Never got any help from FEMA when my business was distroyed by a Hurricane or a nickle when the bankers absconded with a lifetime of my savings and sweat equity. Yet, I continue to support these Democratic policies. My taxes help to pay for health benefits for Congress, the President, the Courts, firemen, policemen, military, the poor, the old, the young and people in countries all around the world. I payed hundreds of thousands into insurance that dissapeared with my manufacturing job that technology took, not some poor Mexican migrant worker. I support policies that limit polluting even though it may increase the cost of goods and services I buy. I support laws that help keep products and workplaces safe and I will continue to support Democrats because most believe in nearly the exact same policies. Not left Democrats or right Democrats, just Democrats.

Joe Corbett

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