It does look as though Cohen might testify, not before, but after Trump is indighted and arrested. Yes, arrested. In Cohen’s plea deal to spill his guts and basically volunteer himself to prison, he may have requested as a condition of his testimony to go public only after Trump was in a more precarious position. A position without access to his goon squad. Solitary confinement may just be that place. In Cohen’s interview last year he was visibly shaken and appeared fearful for his life and family alknowing Trump’s disregard for the rule of law and history of suspicious ties to organized crime, both foreign and domestic. And the fact his childhood friend, Dennis Shields died in Trump Tower. The man Cohen warned to get out of the Trump Tower fire. The fire where Paul Brassner died the Saturday before the Monday raid on Cohen’s office back in April. A circumstantial fact rarely reported on. Reports of boxes of evidence moving around the Mueller investigation could indicate a gear change that shifts this investigation to it’s next stop.The Constitution is clear on the fact that no man is above the law. Not no one, not no how and no attempt to strike down this most fundamentally basic foundational block of our entire existance as a country will ever fly in the Supreame Court, Congress or the court of public opinon. Cohen is betting his life on it. He’s also betting those justices have no desire to throw themselves to the ash heap of history for anyone out for that ride to infamy. The evidence against Trump’s guilt so egregious and blatenty obvious no sane person could continue to defend him. 

Joe Corbett

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