Manifort Sentencing

If there is just one thing you can take away from Muellers sentencing memo it’s a show of force in no uncertain terms that’s left literally no stone unturned. A snapshot into the workings of this investigation, the 800 page report includes explicit details of the decades long crime spree, the report presented as testimony to Manifort’s […]


It does look as though Cohen might testify, not before, but after Trump is indighted and arrested. Yes, arrested. In Cohen’s plea deal to spill his guts and basically volunteer himself to prison, he may have requested as a condition of his testimony to go public only after Trump was in a more precarious position. […]


I am a Democrat. Not a left Democrat or a right Democrat, just a Democrat. The same Democrat as Obama, FDR, JFK, Johnson, Carter or Clinton. The only difference between a progressive Democrat and a Centrist Democrat is the Centrist Democrat understands that without at least some Republican support no Democratic policy can ever be […]