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Link to truth is a place where all news and comments are rated by their truthfulnes. It would be rated by users for truthfulness. Links can be added to substantiate claims. Those articles could also be rated for truthfulness. People who lie and speak untruths would be punished by falling lower on the truth scale and become more irrelivent. People who score high on the truth scale would hold more points in future debates but would lose points for perpetuating lies or fake news. People would advance to become judges and close cases decided by these participants. The US constitution could serve as the example.

Joe Corbett


For all those who think Trump is somehow above the law, think again. If you believe that he is going to somehow outsmart or outmaneuver some of the best and brightest storied lawmen in the world, wrong. These men and women are required to swear an oath, not to the President but to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. A Constitution that assures that all men are created equal and are entitled to equal justice under the law. Now, the law is very clear when it comes to a presumption of innocence. Great care is being given to that cause but even a President has no special power to circumvent laws and any attempt to do so is clearly seen as an obstruction of justice, a very serious crime in and of itself. The prosecutors involved in this investigation of the president and all those around him want nothing more than to get this right. They only get one shot at this. Their work will be written to the history books. They themselves will be judged for their fairness and precision. They are up against a defense that can only focus on loopholes and technicalities as a means of defense. They must get it right and this cannot be done haphazardly. They will, when all is said and done have a clear and simple timeline and explanation of exactly who did what and when. Their only job is to collect facts and present them as they occurred. It is not their job to decide innocence or guilt. That will be the next step in this rigmarole. What is known to date involves a level of blatant disregard for the rule of law never before seen in a President. Although unseen not unforeseen as the Constitution has a clear path for the sequence of events about to follow these crimes against the United States in our collective search for justice.
Joe Corbett

Manifort Sentencing

If there is just one thing you can take away from Muellers sentencing memo it’s a show of force in no uncertain terms that’s left literally no stone unturned. A snapshot into the workings of this investigation, the 800 page report includes explicit details of the decades long crime spree, the report presented as testimony to Manifort’s blantant disreguard for the rule of law and Mueller’s penchant for justice. Paul Manafort “repeatedly and brazenly violated the law,”  Mueller spelled out and “remarkably went unabated even after indictment.” The message sent was clearly to sentence in a way to not only  punish but to set an example to anyone who would dare stand so defiant in the face of justice. Mueller made clear, anyone who will follow Manifort had better be ready for exposure with a microscopic surgical precision and expect no less justice. They need only look to Manifort to see what to expect as their own fate. Trump follows Manifort and by page two it’s clear Mueller means business, an indication this is not over by any stretch. Many more people are going to prison. Not only those who violated the law but those who wouldn’t take heed. Mueller has only one real objective here. Finding facts and painting a picture of who did what and when and was it in clear violation of the law. The time for redemption has long since passed. Everyone can rest a little easier knowing that at least one of Trump’s henchmen will be locked away indefinitely. With Mueller on the job, we can all look forward to a lot more sleepless nights at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for Manifort’s bosses.

Joe Corbett


It does look as though Cohen might testify, not before, but after Trump is indighted and arrested. Yes, arrested. In Cohen’s plea deal to spill his guts and basically volunteer himself to prison, he may have requested as a condition of his testimony to go public only after Trump was in a more precarious position. A position without access to his goon squad. Solitary confinement may just be that place. In Cohen’s interview last year he was visibly shaken and appeared fearful for his life and family alknowing Trump’s disregard for the rule of law and history of suspicious ties to organized crime, both foreign and domestic. And the fact his childhood friend, Dennis Shields died in Trump Tower. The man Cohen warned to get out of the Trump Tower fire. The fire where Paul Brassner died the Saturday before the Monday raid on Cohen’s office back in April. A circumstantial fact rarely reported on. Reports of boxes of evidence moving around the Mueller investigation could indicate a gear change that shifts this investigation to it’s next stop.The Constitution is clear on the fact that no man is above the law. Not no one, not no how and no attempt to strike down this most fundamentally basic foundational block of our entire existance as a country will ever fly in the Supreame Court, Congress or the court of public opinon. Cohen is betting his life on it. He’s also betting those justices have no desire to throw themselves to the ash heap of history for anyone out for that ride to infamy. The evidence against Trump’s guilt so egregious and blatenty obvious no sane person could continue to defend him. 

Joe Corbett


I am a Democrat. Not a left Democrat or a right Democrat, just a Democrat. The same Democrat as Obama, FDR, JFK, Johnson, Carter or Clinton. The only difference between a progressive Democrat and a Centrist Democrat is the Centrist Democrat understands that without at least some Republican support no Democratic policy can ever be enacted when we don’t have the votes in all three branches of government. I would love Medicare for all. It will improve the quality of life for millions of people. Thousand of lives will be saved. It will free up millions to pursue their dreams of starting their own business without fear of losing medical benifits. Anyone can grandstand on policies of free healthcare for all, and I couldn’t agree more but someone is going to have pay for it. Without answers of how, it’s a pill Republicans will never swallow and without Republicans and Democrat votes it just won’t happen. I have never seen a food stamp or rent subsidy. Never got a bailout or a farm subsidy. Never got any help from FEMA when my business was distroyed by a Hurricane or a nickle when the bankers absconded with a lifetime of my savings and sweat equity. Yet, I continue to support these Democratic policies. My taxes help to pay for health benefits for Congress, the President, the Courts, firemen, policemen, military, the poor, the old, the young and people in countries all around the world. I payed hundreds of thousands into insurance that dissapeared with my manufacturing job that technology took, not some poor Mexican migrant worker. I support policies that limit polluting even though it may increase the cost of goods and services I buy. I support laws that help keep products and workplaces safe and I will continue to support Democrats because most believe in nearly the exact same policies. Not left Democrats or right Democrats, just Democrats.

Joe Corbett

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